Not Another Whale

A 1 of 1 original crypto-artwork by iH0DL, 2020.

A study in texture and luminance inspired by the effortless ability of the octopus to change the color and texture of its skin.

Since the first time I learned of the concept of evolution as a child I have been fascinated at the ability of life to adapt. The octopus is such a great example of evolution that chose intelligence over physicality. Since it is basically a snail, who lost its shell, it had to protect itself with its brains.

While whales spent thousands of years developing one brain, the octopus built a different type of computer. It still features the main processor (brain) but also has a processor for each limb. An octa-core centralized processor ain’t got shit on the octopuses DΞCΞNTRALIZΞD ennead processor system.

In crypto we refer to the deep pocketed hodlers as whales. While there is no denying the intelligence of the whale swimming in the sea of crypto, there are other fish cephalopods in the sea with an astute approach to DΞCΞNTRALIZATION. The approach of quantity can certainly be rewarding, especially when accumulating bitcoin. In a market where supply and demand rule, price can be manipulated easily by these cunning whales.

This is why I included the bitcoin in the piece, Non Fungible Tokens may be the first store of value whose price cannot be manipulated. NFTs in the form of art derive value in a magical, non monetary way. A unique piece of arts value cannot be manipulated when scarcity is exchanged for unparalleled fungibility.

You can buy more than one bitcoin, but you cannot buy more than one “Not another Whale” NFT.