41/50 Remaining


A limited edition SafePal by iH0DL

There are 50 DΞCΞNTRALIZΞ Keys, minted by iH0DL as ERC-1155 tokens; There are 50 DΞCΞNTRALIZΞ Safepals, therefore each NFT is physically backed by a hardware wallet.

How it works

The NFTS are listed on Decentralized marketplaces such as Rarible and Opensea. The tokens can be purchased and held, or redeemed instantly by following the link in the "Unlocked Content" once the token in your wallet.

After purchasing the NFT it can be resold as the token must be sent to (redeem.ih0dl.eth) before the product ships. If the token is still on the market, it is still fully backed by a factory sealed DΞCΞNTRALIZΞ SafePal, with free shipping to anywhere in the world.

Tokens that have been redeemed will be peridoically burned to reflect the total supply. As of 26 Decemeber, 2020, there are currently 42 Keys on the primary market and 2 (not listed for sale / not yet redeemed) on the secondary market, leaving a total of 44 sealed wallets ready to ship.

The pricing of these keys is subject to increase as supply decreases. Standard edition safepals can be found for a consistent price on the manufactures website.

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More Info

So what exactly is the SafePal??

The technical wallet specs can be found here: , but I will explain what it is to me and why I fell in love with the project.

I heard about SFP in early 2019. The thing that really drew me towards it was the price point. They were hitting the market for around $40 USD. I already had several different HW wallets, that cost more and did less than SFP. Shortly after seeing the ad, I read an article that Safepal was the first hardware wallet backed by Binance. I had to know more at this point. BOOM IT WAS TIME FOR SOME GOOD OLD DYOR! I dug in to read about what type of wallet it was, features, etc.

The most important thing to me in crypto, and tech in general, is SECURITY. We have all heard, not your keys, not your coin. Yes, you can keep posession of your keys on your phone, or PC using metamask, but they are vulnerable. No device that is connected to the interenet, is impenetrable.

This is where Safepal won me over. They use air-gapped key storage, meaning your transactions are signed off line and then, the signed transaction is encrypted into a QR code, scanned with phone and broadcast to the network. This means the wallet has no bluetooth, no wifi, no ethernet, NO CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET, keeping your keys cold and your pockets fat.



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